Friday, 29 May 2009

A time to celebrate

I have finally joined this blog at a time I think all women everywhere should be celebrating, and decided to post straight away in the hope someone out there might start thinking. On 30th May 1929 women here under the age of 30 were able to vote in a General Election for the very first time. So shouldn't all our leading women be out there reminding women (and especially women under 30) how precious the right to vote should be to them? The little celebrations I am preparing for tomorrow are hosted by a woman of 80 who helps remind us how much we owe to her generation and her mothers. But crucially too, as well as a couple of women around 30, our top woman Euro candidate will be there to remind us that only Labour have an equal number of male and female candidates - and that women owe so much of their quality of life to the political work of women in Europe and at home. Yes we have some big issues to tackle right now - but at least we are allowed to go to the polling station. Our sisters fought so hard for that right without the luxury of blogging networks. Lets all sing and celebrate our achievements.

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