Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Thanks to all our new bloggers!

This site has really exceeded my expectations and it's all down to you. We've had almost 30 posts in the last three days and they have all made me proud to be a Labour woman. We have shown that Labour women are not afraid of putting their thoughts into cyberspace, and that we are a diverse bunch with a great deal to say! (As if we didn't know that already). So my plea is that we keep on posting over the next days, and weeks - do send me your thoughts for advice which you might find useful. A number of you have asked for blogging tips, so I am going to try and get an experienced blogger to give you their top ten or so.

These are mine for starters: keep it short if possible, don't try and put too many thoughts in one post - save them for separate ones, avoid jargon and too much indepth detail - use links to other articles/pamphlets if you want people to read further, it's fine to be light-hearted and have fun!

I've also posted a piece on LabourList today if you are interested. Right, off to bed now. Look forward to reading more posts tomorrow!

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