Monday, 9 March 2009

West Wing rules of dating

My office is currently experiencing a West Wing obsession, and work regularly degenerates into a debate as to who in the office best fits which character. However, this character matching has a darker side...

If ever you go out with a fellow politico it’s fairly predictable that at some stage in the first few dates the West Wing will come up. In my experience, a frequent occurrence is for my date to tell me how “everyone” compares them to Josh Lyman and then, without even batting an eyelid, they tell me that I’m more of a Donna. Don’t get me wrong, Donna’s great, it’s just I don’t think much of a man telling me that in this role play he’s equal to one of the most powerful men in Government and I’m his secretary.

So, here’s a dating tip for any men who have ventured into this female blogosphere, the West Wing is full of fantastically strong women, Amy Gardner, Nancy McNally, and Joey Lucas to name a few, next time you get into the West Wing conversation, spread the net more widely...

1 comment:

  1. I usually try the "you're the Abbey Bartlett type, aren't ya?" routine.

    It works.