Monday, 9 March 2009

What a great idea!

I am so pleased to see this new Labour Womens blog.

It's early days yet, but blogging is very male dominated, so it's great to have a forum for women to discuss the issues they care about.

And the culture of blogging can be so cynical and corrosive to politics. So I really hope this will be a space for more mature and purposeful debate.

There is so much potential for using the internet to reach out and engage people in the democratic process. From e-petitions to You-Tube campaign videos, or even just using Twitter to keep in touch. We must use every means we can to engage people in debate as we face the battle for a fourth term.

I think this blog has great potential to spark debate, share experience, and harness the passion and determination of Labour women to shape our politics and our world.

I look forward to sharing your thoughts and ideas!

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